Hi, I'm Francesco Fastelli, a Developer and UX Designer.

I like to see the world with different eyes and create something special everytime.

Yes this is the eye that I use to see the world in different way.

My programming knowledge

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Development Projects

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VR map environment and testing on user experience
VR room - vr environment with audio sharing
Ape Farm website
Editaly website
PagoPocoaCena website
Android app: Scuola Agenda- 30k+ downloads
 Android app: Natale con Babbo Renzi - 13k+ downloads
Android & iOS app of website PagoPocoaCena
Android app with image processing: StreetArt



UX Projects

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Foodies Intl
Team Environment






  • lack of knowledge on how to organize events and manage all the formalities
  • Two groups of target users:
  • 1) activists
  • 2) Regular citizens, who want to act for the environment
  • 7 interviews done for the activist target
    8 interviews done for the "regular citizen" target
  • Important event: have a memory from each angle
  • Discover & share photos of the places where you recently were

  • Two user groups:
  • People capturing photos/videos
  • People wanting to access photos/videos of places they visited or specific events they witnessed

  • 14 interviews
    18 observations
    Privacy Concerns
  • Limited information about private life
  • Use of content for malicious purposes
  • problem: most of the people living abroad miss their traditional food, and they are struggle some problem to find them
    2 target group for interview
    1) Foreigners - interested in finding products from their own countries.
    2) Owners of shops with food or drinks from foreign countries

    Focus Point

    For whom: activists and anyone who wants to organise their environmental social (public) activity. What: to help them find information on how to organise an event, how to promote it in the most effective way, how to manage the legal stuff, and how to cooperate with other activists/volunteers, how to manage the crowd (what to do, how to have a clear agenda / goal).

    1. Difficulty to have a communication and plan activities with local authorities organization. Example:  "when we do a social activity about cleaning it is very difficult to have a communication with AMA (Rome organization for the bin and environment) to plan the time to throw away the trash."

    2. When we have to reach local authorities it is too hard to contact them. Too formalism and sometimes they do promise only for political interest

    3. People don’t know how to start, how to gather people, how to register your event (legal stuff), how to advertise your event. There’s no information about that.

    4. Finding volunteers isn’t hard, it’s hard to manage them. To become a good manager, you have to study it.

    5. Difficult to communicate with local authorities, because they don't answer by email

    6. Budget runs out too quickly

    7. My projects for the urban greenery don’t pass because of battle with monuments conservation management

    8. Language barriers experienced by active people who live abroad

    9. I want to buy package free food but everything is prepackaged!

    10. Hard to gather official support for the projects (signatures, activists aren’t willing to gather signatures on the streets because they perceive the people aren’t willing to sign something on the streets)

    11. Everybody wants to participate, few are willing to organise

    12. The vision of the activist is annoying people in the mind of the people for the fault of the media and past activists. This is an obstacle.” 

    13. We try to gather people, encourage eco friendly lifestyles, but the government is close minded and investing in coal for example.

    Take photos to keep memories of outstanding moments.
    They use their smartphones a least for two hours per day and share pictures at least three times a day on social platforms

    Don’t want to miss the opportunity of enjoying an event to the fullest by holding a camera/phone all the time
    Instead of taking pictures themselves, after the event, they look for pictures on social media and official web

    They organize different events: from marathons to parties
    Interested in:
    Visitors enjoying their events.
    Visitors taking & sharing pictures to advertise them.

    • Sightseeing & enjoying the moment with friends.
    • Taking different kind of pictures.
    • Making decision about content to be shared on social media.

    A wonderful event: not willing to take photos, to fully enjoy
    Afterwards: wants to show friends photos
    checks the official website but you can’t find the desired pictures

    • Today, a networking event at the Retiro Park from 4pm to 8pm
    • photographer did not take enough pictures
    • Not enough material to advertise the upcoming networking event

    Addicted to Events

    The yellow square shows where MomentsAvenue could be used

    1)You lived with your parents in the South of Italy and you are studying at the university in your city. You decided to go abroad to study for one year.

    2)Now, you have to cook and do the grocery shopping alone in a foreign country. You meet new people from different countries and you decide to make an International dinner event but your mom is not there to help you.

    3) You want to cook something that resembles the taste of your home kitchen but you don’t have the traditional products. Moreover, you don’t know any shop where you can buy these and neither you know if such a shop exists.

    4)Your goal is to find specific products of your country to make your non-Italian friends fall in love with the cooking of your mom/town.


    First design: Download unexpected pictures


    Everyone takes pictures with a camera/smartphone, but not always the best pictures of the moment or place are taken. You can still share or simply store only the pictures that you or your friend captured. Our system (“MomentsAvenue”) will allow users to download photos from the website, where you can find the pictures taken by the other people in the same location and time that you have been.

    Interaction devices and styles

    Interaction devices: Laptop, Computer
    Interaction styles: Direct manipulation, menus and forms

    Second design: Access & store unexpected pictures


    Everyone takes pictures with a camera or smartphone and majority of people share them directly on social media platforms. Sometimes, it happens that pictures taken while sightseeing/at an event/etc. include people that even don’t know that someone unintentionally captured a photo in which they appeared. Moreover, it can turn out, the taken picture looks wonderful. Besides this, when someone enjoys a specific event, obviously not every moment is recorded. Fortunately, sometimes exceptional moments could record by strangers, but the problem is how to access such kind of photos. Our mobile application allows users to have pictures of you or of your best moment taken by strangers. It would be possible to access all these pictures in real-time and wherever you are.

    Interaction devices and styles

    Interaction devices: Smartphone
    Interaction styles: Direct manipulation, menus and forms

    Virtual Assistant

    As our users stated that they sometimes have difficulties finding a product or a shop using the web or applications we wanted to include solution which is a simpler and natural where users don’t have to type.


    Provide an immediate way to reach the results. Fast & easy.



    A common, handy and accessible device which is popular among young people (target).

    Layout & screens

    As the space of the smartwatch is very limited we decided to create an essential and minimalistic design and distribute the information among more screens.



    The most common ICT device on earth and the most used among our target users, also for searching food products.

    Layout & screens

    simple and easy design that allows users to find the products they are looking for. Our design is trying to simplify the task that users usually struggle to accomplish.

    Low Fi prototype

    High Fi prototype

    Balsamiq Software

    Due to the Covid-19, Our team had to use Balsamiq instead of the paper-prototyping to have a possibility to work together.

    Task 1

    Create an event in your already existing project

    Task 2

    Find a volunteer to help you with social media management for your event

    Task 3

    As expert activist, offer your help to a event that matches your availability and skills

    Web Application

    Lo-Fi prototype

    Hi-Fi: Web application

    Color Palette

    Example of how the color-palette was used

    Try yourself the prototype

    Low Fi prototype

    High Fi prototype

    Balsamiq Software

    Due to the Covid-19, Our team had to use Balsamiq instead of the paper-prototyping to have a possibility to work together.

    Task 1

    Organize an event

    Task 2

    Find, download and add an image to favorites


    Web application

    Lo-Fi prototype

    Hi-Fi Device: Web application

    After user testing with lo-fi prototype, the team decide to design the Hi-Fi prototype only for the web application

    Task 1

    Organize an Event

    Task 2

    Find, download and add an image to favorites

    Low Fi prototype

    High Fi prototype



    Lo-Fi prototype



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    Usability testing

    Soft Skills

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    Professional Timeline

    Work Experience

    Full-stack Developer

    2015 - present | What a show

    Since 2015, I have been involved in the main projects with an important web agency company of Rome, What a Show Srl. Check their project to have a clearer idea.

    Mobile Developer

    2014 - present | Fastapp : Me ;)

    When I was 17 years old, I began my developing experience and I published my first Android application. From this moment on,I offer my experience as a Freelancer.

    Full-stack Developer

    2015 - now | Fastapp: Me

    Since 2015, I started my work on web applications as a Freelancer. I design and develop websites for my clients trying to expand their business with a professional presence. Besides, I have good knowledge about SEO and it has always been a goal of mine to help my clients increase their discoverability and revenues.


    Bachelor of Computer Science

    2015 - 2019 | Computer Science

    I pursued my B. Sc at Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy. The topic of my bachelor thesis was "Study on User Experience in a Virtual Environment".

    Erasmus+ in Spain

    2018 - 2019 | Erasmus+ Computer Science

    During my bachelor degree, I did my Erasmus in Spain, Madrid in the Univerdad Carlos III. During the second part of the year, I did a part of my bachelor thesis there using new technology as Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.

    Double deegre of HCID

    2019 - now | Human computer interaction and Design

    I'm enrolled in the EIT digital master school programme. During my first year, I have been in Madrid in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and currently, I'm spending my second year in the Université Paris-Saclay